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Zillion RPM Labs provides general and professional skills in Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Technologies for students, employees and entrepreneurs for thier personal and professional growth with world class training standards.

Our experienced and professional staff members make Zillion RPM Labs an excellent place to learn RPM Technologies and prepare for your academic and professional success. The wide range of extra-curriculum activities that we offer to our students makes technology learning easy and fun.

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we are excited share about the boundless potential for creativity and collaboration using digital tools to create physical objects from computer models. We are dedicated to innovative possibilities when mind and material meet computer controlled machines. Digital fabrication translates design computing from the virtual into the physical. The same data that displays ephemeral images on a computer screen is transformed into tangible products using computer–driven CNC machines.

These products range in scale from small models that represent the built environment to large scale elements for buildings and environments. Numerous tools fall into this category ,such as : CAD/CAM software tools ( ArtCAM,AutoCAD,CorelDraw,Illustator,Photoshop,Enroute,RhinoCAM,AlphaCAM,etc..); CNC machine tools (such as robotic arms, Lathe,CNC Routers,Laser Machines, 3D printers, plasma, waterjet cutters, foam cutt machines, etc..); Supporting tools (3Dscanners, and electronic measuring tools etc..) and Cutting tools.


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One Month Certificate Course  Zillion RPM Labs.

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One Year Certificate Diploma Course in RPM Tools.

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Online Certificate Courses in CAD/CAM Software

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