Greetings from Zillion RPM Labs  !!! We provide machine tools and services to acquire and run systems that allow users to create physical objects from computer models. Not only can these technologies be used to create prototypes for later production in the medical, industrial, artistic ,wood working, signage, architectural, jewelry and  other fields, they can also be used to make finished parts or tools.We are in to Consultancy (Marketing,Sales & Service, Import) ,Training and Manufacturing of CNC Machines,3D Printer, 3D Scanner, CAD/CAM Technologies, etc... for Individuals, Institutions, Industries.

We supply CNC Router,CNC Laser Engraver,CNC Plasma/ Water jet Cutting Machines, RP Machines, 3D Scanner,CAD / CAM Software,Cutting tools and other accessories of these machines for your success using these machines.The necessary support in applications and service are provided at every stage.Excellent Training on  Designing and Machining by experienced engineers is given with every machine.We help organizations to acquire the right technologies and to run the unit to extract maximum benefits. RPM Tools Consulting is to source the right machinery and software systems to exactly fit to market / customer needs.We also do Build, Own / Transfer and Operate Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing systems. We support single machine  to master turnkey projects.

We Collaborate & Co-Create globally with organizations for CNC Machinery and Technologies in creating physical objects from computer models,termed as Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (RPM)

Zillion RPM Labs provides general and professional skills in Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Technologies ( Substractive ( CNC Machines ) and Additive Manufacturing) for students, employees and entrepreneurs for their personal and professional growth with world class training standards.Our experienced and professional staff members make Zillion RPM Labs an excellent place to learn RPM Technologies and prepare for your academic and professional success. The wide range of extra-curriculum activities that we offer to our students makes technology learning easy and fun.

SZOLID MACHINZS is our  Brand of World Class Computer Numerical Controlled ( CNC ) and Robotic Machine Tools for Rapid Prototyping, Tooling and Manufacturing.