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Why Was My Walmart Order Delayed? Complete Guide

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Why Was My Walmart Order Delayed? During this age of lightning fast online shopping where you can purchase goods from around the world with a few clicks, the expectation of swift delivery is almost taken for granted.

The occasional hiccup in this seamless process, however, can leave us wondering, “Why was my Walmart order delayed?” Delays in the delivery of our eagerly awaited packages can be frustrating and confusing, as well as frustrating and perplexing.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the most common reasons that can account for the delay in arriving of your online order from Walmart, as well as the elaborate web of logistics and other factors that can affect the timely arrival of your order. # Why Was My Walmart Order Delayed

Why Was My Walmart Order Delayed?

It is important to keep in mind that there are a number of key reasons why Walmart orders may be delayed in delivery.

Inventory issues –  The shipping process may take an extra period of time if a particular product you ordered is not in stock at Walmart. Lack of inventory is one of the main reasons behind shipping delays. # Why Was My Walmart Order Delayed

Warehouse problems or weather disruptions – There are several factors that can affect Walmart fulfillment centers’ performance, such as technical glitches or insufficient staff, as well as severe weather like snowstorms that can hamper shipments.

High order volumes – In peak periods, such as during the holidays or sales events, Walmart may receive far more orders than its normal capacity. If Walmart receives more orders than the fulfillment centers can handle, there will be a delay in delivering the orders.

Item availability – There are some products that are only available for delivery on selected dates. If you order a product that is not available for immediate delivery, Walmart will hold your order until the next available date, which will cause the delivery date to be pushed back.

Carrier delays – There can still be delays after Walmart processes and ships orders. In the event that there are staff shortages, a weather disruption, or an overloaded logistics system, delays can occur even after Walmart processes and ships orders. # Why Was My Walmart Order Delayed

FedEx, USPS, and UPS can all contribute to delays.

How can I avoid Walmart orders delay?

For customers to reduce the chance that they will encounter delayed Walmart orders in the future, there are a number of tips they can follow:

Allow extra time – To account for possible minor delays in the delivery date of your order, if you are planning your order, add 2-3 extra days to the delivery date.

Pick premium shipping – To minimize the time it takes for your transfer to occur, choose fast shipping options like NextDay or 2-Day whenever possible. # Walmart order

Verify item availability – You can avoid backlogs by ensuring that products are in stock and ready to ship as soon as you place your order.

Order early – I would recommend purchasing items well in advance for a gift or a special occasion as this allows more flexibility should delays occur.

Use in-store pickup – You can pick up your items at the store when they are available and do not have to worry about shipping delays if you choose in-store pickup.

Create an account – It may be possible for registered accounts to receive better customer service and priority handling. # Walmart order

Avoid peak times – Make sure you don’t place an order during known high-volume periods, such as holidays or sales events when volume is known to be high.

Taking these steps will significantly reduce the likelihood of Walmart orders arriving late, even if delays can’t be avoided entirely.

How long do Walmart order delays usually last?

If there is a delay in the delivery from Walmart, it is usually only a matter of a few days, however there may be exceptions:

  • When there is a minor problem with warehouse inventory, orders may be delayed by 1-3 days as they are rerouted.
  • In the event of severe weather incidents, shipments might be delayed by over a week until the weather improves.
  • At times of peak demand, there can be a 1-2 week long order backlog if popular sale items are selling out rapidly.
  • It is possible that delays can last weeks or even months before a specialty item is able to be collected since it is backordered until a specific date.
  • On average, FedEx or UPS delays last 3 days according to carrier data, but they can last as long as 5 days during holidays.

Generally, Walmart considers a delay of 5-7 days beyond the maximum delivery window to be the threshold threshold at which customers should contact Walmart in order to resolve excessive wait times when it comes to standard orders.

Is it possible to cancel delayed Walmart order? 

If you are severely delayed in receiving your Walmart order and you no longer require or want the items, you may request that the pending order be canceled by contacting Walmart customer service by phone, online chat, or visiting the help page for delayed orders.

There are a few conditions that must be met in order to be able to cancel a delayed Walmart order:

  • Refund timing – Once a cancellation has been completed, a refund may take 5-7 business days to process.
  • Restocking fees – Walmart may charge restocking fees even if an item is undelivered, such as electronics or furniture.
  • Cancellation is not guaranteed – if the order has already entered fulfillment, Walmart may not be able to cancel it.
  • Processing time varies – Walmart may officially cancel the order after 2-3 days after receiving your request.

In the event that your order ships before Walmart has the opportunity to process a cancellation request, you will have to initiate a regular return process when the order arrives. # Is it possible to cancel delayed Walmart order

Will I get a refund if my Walmart order is delayed?

A detailed policy is in place at Walmart regarding the handling of delays and refunds in the event of delayed deliveries:

2-day shipping – 

It is likely that you can receive a $10 eGift Card as compensation upon request if you place an order with 2-day shipping and it is not delivered within 2 business days of your order date without notice.

NextDay or Same-Day delivery – 

There is a chance for a full refund if Walmart misses the guaranteed delivery window for these orders. If this is the case, you will need to contact Walmart’s customer service department. # Will I get a refund if my Walmart order is delayed

Why Was My Walmart Order Delayed

Return shipping costs – 

It is possible that Walmart has made an error in the shipment of your order, and you need to return/reorder the item. Walmart will cover the cost of the return shipping label if this occurs.

Groceries – 

In the case of delayed grocery deliveries or pickups, you may be able to receive a credit of up to $10 for a future delivery or pickup.

Make sure you contact Walmart customer service soon after receiving your order, as refunds and credits are typically requested within 5-7 days after your order is delivered.

If you wish to request a refund or credit, contact Walmart customer service and provide your order details and the reason for your request. # Will I get a refund if my Walmart order is delayed

How long do Walmart delivery takes?

The following are some of the delivery options available at Walmart, each with a different delivery timeframe:

Two-day shipping – 

When you choose two-day shipping, your order should arrive inside two business days of the date you placed your order. This shipping method is free of charge if the order is over $35.

NextDay delivery – 

In certain areas, the NextDay delivery service is available. At the moment, this service is only available on orders placed before 8 pm on a certain day, and there is an extra fee of about $10 for this service. # How long do Walmart delivery takes

Same-day delivery – 

If you want to deliver products to your local Walmart store within a few hours, you can order from this service. There is an additional cost based on the amount of products you order.

Standard shipping – 

Orders over $35 qualify for free shipping. Standard shipping takes 4-14 business days to arrive, but this window is an estimate and can vary. It is possible for a delivery to take longer than expected.

Having an understanding of Walmart’s expected delivery timelines will be helpful in determining when to expect an order. If your delivery option has passed the typical shipping duration, your order may be delayed. # How long do Walmart delivery takes

How long does Walmart usually take to deliver?

You can expect to receive your order from Walmart within 2 to 10 business days, mainly depending on the product you are ordering. Groceries are usually delivered in less than 3 business days while electronic items, such as gaming consoles, are expected to take significantly longer to deliver.

After your order has been confirmed, the status of your package will move from confirmed to processed status. Usually it takes a few hours for your order to be processed.

You might experience a delay at this stage due to the limited supply of stock or to the reasons that we will discuss below.

What types of order delays occur at Walmart?  

Delivery orders can be delayed for a variety of reasons; delivery and pickup delays are the ones that are supposed to take place at the customer’s place.

Delivery orders are the orders that are meant to be delivered to the customer. While pickup orders are to be picked up by the customers from the mart, retailers are required to make sure that they collect and package whatever products the customer has requested from them. 

In the event of a delivery delay, it can be related to the fact that either there may be a problem with the shipping or handling team or there may be a complication that may have arisen as a result of discrepancies in the inventories, and that is also usually why a pickup is delayed.  

Delays due to Insufficient Stock   

Another important cause of Walmart pickup and delivery delays is backorders, which are orders that Walmart accepts even though the product is out of stock and cannot be delivered.

Backorders are often the most common reason for Walmart pickup and delivery delays. Once the new inventory arrives, it begins delivering the products to the customers once it fills the stock level up.

Occasionally, the supplier is unable to source the product efficiently, causing a delay in the delivery process. A delay like this is transmitted to Walmart’s clients, causing them to become irritated and frustrated. 

Shipping and Handling Delays

Typically, Walmart uses FedEx or USPS to handle shipping. Any delay in shipping progress relates to Walmart having given off your order, but the delay is triggered by these delivery services. 

A delayed delivery may be attributed to regional conditions or a delivery service issue. Walmart eases its customers’ concerns by providing them with access to the tracking system so they can easily see the status of their orders. 

Overall, Walmart usually does not take too long to deliver goods, but if it does, it is mostly due to insufficient supply or a lack of inventory.

A delay can also occur as a result of delivery agency problems, but e-commerce sites are usually fond of backorders that cause most delays.

A supplier’s failure to meet its deadline might result in a delay. Once the supplier is able to meet the deadline for the delivery, the customer will be able to receive his product on time as well.  

What time does DPD deliver until?


Online shopping is undeniable, but it’s also important to know that delays can occur from time to time. Walmart orders may be delayed because of a variety of factors, so consumers must be patient and aware of these factors when navigating the landscape of e-commerce.

Next time your Walmart order is delayed, know that it is likely caused by a complex interplay of factors. From high demand during peak seasons to supply chain disruptions, a variety of factors can affect the route your package takes.

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