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Why Is My Shein Package stuck in shipped status?

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Why Is My Shein Package stuck in shipped status? When Shein orders are supposed to be delivered, they can be stuck in the “shipped” status, which causes frustration. Here are the most common reasons why your Shein package is stuck in the “shipped” status.

We have all been there, refreshing the tracking page in hopes of receiving a delivery update. Understanding the factors at play can help you ease the impatience that comes with online shopping, regardless of whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or a casual shopper.

We’ll explore the nuances of the shipping process and find out why your Shein package isn’t reaching you. # Shein Package stuck in shipped

About Shein package

This article explores Shein’s packages and what you need to know about ordering, processing, shipping, and receiving your products.


  • Shopping for clothing, accessories, and other fashion items can be done on the Shein website or mobile app.
  • To complete an order, customers proceed to the checkout page after adding items to their shopping cart.
  • In the checkout process, customers enter their shipping information, select a shipping method, and complete the payment process.


  • We process orders, verify payments, and prepare items for shipping once an order has been placed.
  • Upon placing an order, customers receive an email confirmation that includes details such as their order number and tracking information (if applicable).


  • Standard and express shipping options are available from Shein, each with a different delivery time and cost.
  • To ensure that the package arrives at its destination safely, it is handed over to a shipping carrier.
  • A tracking number is provided to the customer so they can check the status of their package.


  • During checkout, you are asked to provide the shipping address for your package.
  • For international orders, delivery times may vary depending on shipping method, location, and customs.

Shein Package Tracking:

  • Shein customers can track their orders by logging in to their account and entering the tracking number.
  • Information about a package’s location and expected delivery date is typically included in its tracking information.

Customer Support:

  • Shein’s customer support is available if customers encounter issues with their packages, such as delays or missing items.
  • If you have any concerns about the package’s status or if there are any issues, contact customer support.

Shipping and delivery times can vary depending on a number of factors, including location, shipping method, and external factors like customs processing.

It is important for customers to review the latest information provided by Shein for the most accurate information as Shein’s policies and processes may change over time.

Why Is My Shein Package stuck in shipped status?

There are a number of reasons why your Shein package has not yet arrived at your doorstep, depending on how you placed your order and logistical and operational difficulties.

You may still be waiting for your Shein package because one or more of the following reasons may apply:

Products Delay

In addition, your Shein package may be delayed in shipping if there is a delay in the shipping process. It is not uncommon for packages to be stuck in shipping because products are not ready at the expected time.

Shein often finds it overwhelming to manage all the orders she receives from around the world. While promotional periods are more likely to occur, Shein can take a long time to process for delivery.

Customers must place an overwhelming number of orders for Shein to qualify for such promotions. It is inevitable that delivery delays will occur due to this high volume of orders. # Why is my Shein package stuck in shipping?

If you find yourself wondering why your Shein’s package is stuck in shipping at some point in the future, Shein may not have yet processed your order for delivery.

Using Economy Shipping

When ordering from Shein, you have three delivery options: economy, standard, and pick-up point. You may have a problem with your Shein package getting stuck in shipping if you choose economy shipping.

Depending on the delivery option, you may need to wait longer than 30 days for Economy shipping. If you select Economy shipping, you will experience some delays. # Shein Package stuck in shipped

We cannot guarantee that your package will be delivered within the 30-day period, and we cannot guarantee when it will be delivered. You may have chosen the wrong shipping method if your Shein package is stuck in shipping.

Errors In Delivery

Shein packages are often stuck in shipping due to delivery errors. Shein is an international company that processes millions of orders each year.

It is possible that your package was mixed up with others during the process of processing your order, which resulted in its delivery to the incorrect address.

Mistakes will inevitably happen when processing orders and packages every day. Shein or the shipping company may have made an honest mistake when handling your order.

Lost Package: 

It is possible that packages can get lost during shipping or misdirected. # Shein Package stuck in shipped

Contact Shein’s customer service team and provide them with tracking information if you suspect an error in sorting or labeling may have prevented your package from reaching its intended destination.

Tracking Updates

The company doesn’t provide tracking information in real time nor does it provide it to its partners. The tracking system may not yet have updated your package despite the fact that shipping has already begun.

In this case, you may want to wait until you receive the package before making a decision. # Shein Package stuck in shipped

Country’s Custom Rules

It is possible that Shein packages are still in shipping due to customs regulations in your country. Your package may have been shipped fine by Shein. However, your country’s customs rules may have caused the problem.

There are certain items that are illegal to bring into the country, and there are others that are allowed. It will take some time for your package to be cleared for delivery. # Why is my Shein package stuck in shipping?

Transit Issue

The package’s position in transit prevents you from knowing if a problem arises even if it has already been shipped and is closer than you think.

The only way to resolve this is to wait for it to update automatically, in which case you can just wait until the issue is resolved. # Shein Package stuck in shipped

Shein Package stuck in shipped

What to do if Your Shein Order is stuck in shipped status?

If there are no more updates beyond the initial ship status of your Shein order, then you should not panic. Here are some suggestions to help you.

Track Your Order on Shein’s Website

Firstly, you may wish to check the tracking page of Shein’s website directly. Shein’s own tracking system may provide you with a more accurate status than sites run by third-parties.

In the My Account section of the Shein website, enter your order number under My Orders to be able to see the latest tracking updates on your order. If your package is still being processed, or it hasn’t left China yet, this will be very helpful information for you.

Pay Any Import Fees Due

In order to ensure that your package is released as soon as possible, it is important that you pay your customs fees as soon as possible. The fees are generally paid online by entering the tracking number you have been given.

If any charges are owed following the payment of duties, you should follow your postal carrier’s instructions. Your package should resume its journey shortly after the payment is made. # Shein Order is stuck in shipped

Request a Reshipment or Refund

Those orders that have been stuck for more than six weeks without updates should be considered lost, so please contact customer service and request that it be reshipped or refunded.

If your order does not arrive within 60 days of purchase, Shein will refund your money or replace it. If your package is extremely delayed, please contact Shein. Just have your order number readily available.

Contact Shein Customer Support

If you don’t see any updates beyond shipped status after three to four weeks, contact Shein customer service via live chat or email. If you don’t see any updates beyond shipped status, use the email form.

We encourage you to contact Shein’s customer support if you need any updates on your order. They may be able to provide additional tracking information once your parcel leaves China and give you an estimate when it will arrive.

Check with Your Local Postal Carrier

In some cases, you may be able to track packages more efficiently if your local postal service has access to more current tracking information about packages that have cleared customs in China and are transiting in your country.

Depending on your country, you can check your postal service’s website to see if there have been any updates since your order arrived. You will be notified of any delays caused by customs or an estimated delivery date. # Shein Order is stuck in shipped

Why is my Shein package stuck in transit?

Shipments that get stuck in transit are those that have been given to a shipping company but haven’t started their journey. A package that is stuck in transit can be caused by a number of factors.

In this case, there are several possible explanations:

Logistic Issues: 

Among the factors that can cause shipping delays are misrouted packages, equipment malfunctions, and mistakes in sorting and handling.

The cause of my Shein package being stuck in transit can be attributed to any of these hiccups. # What is the cause of my Shein package being stuck in transit?

Lost or Misplaced Packages: 

When packages are being shipped, there is a possibility of them getting lost or misplaced. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as handling errors, damaged labels, and unforeseen circumstances.

By providing your tracking information, Shein customer support can initiate an investigation if you suspect that this is the case.

Weather Conditions or Natural Disasters: 

There are several factors that can disrupt transportation networks, including adverse weather conditions and natural disasters.

It is possible for shipping routes to be closed temporarily during heavy snow storms, hurricanes, or earthquakes. As a result, packages may be delayed until weather conditions improve.

Incorrect Address or Delivery Issues: 

If the delivery address or address of a package is incorrect, problems may occur. It is possible for the delivery location not to be found, for the address to be incomplete or incorrect, or for the delivery attempt not to have taken place.

It is possible that the shipping carrier will need additional information from you in this case. We recommend contacting Shein customer service if you have concerns about the status of your Shein package or if it has been stuck in transit for an unusually long time.

They will be able to assist you in resolving any problems that may have occurred during transit based on their specific information.

High Shipping Volume: 

When peak seasons, such as holidays or major sales events, arrive, shippers send more packages.

It may take longer for packages to be sorted and processed as a result of the increased workload. # Why is my Shein package stuck in transit?

Customs Clearance: 

It is possible for international shipping to be delayed as a result of the customs clearance process, including inspections, document verification, and customs duties.

It is possible for your package to stay in transit for an extended period of time if there are delays in customs clearance.

How Long Does Shein Order Take After It Says Shipped?

Depending on the shipping method you select and your location, you will receive your Shein order within:

Standard Shipping

There is an estimated timeframe of 6-10 business days for the standard shipping to arrive in the US, however, there is a possibility that it will take up to 10 business days to arrive in the UK.

Express Shipping

The delivery time for express shipping to arrive may take anywhere from 2 to 4 working days. In the US, it is estimated that express shipping may take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to arrive.

It is important to note that the delivery date may also be affected by external factors such as flight arrangements and weather conditions. Note that these timelines do not include the one to three business days needed for your order to be processed.

Please refer to the tracking information for the most accurate delivery date. You are strongly advised to contact Shein’s customer service if your package has not been delivered within the specified timeframe, or if you have not received it despite the tracking information showing that it was delivered, even if you have contacted Shein’s customer service.

How to change the address of an order in Shein?


There are a number of factors involved in getting the Shein package from the “shipped” status to your doorstep that you may not be able to control, but there are many factors that can influence the delivery process.

It’s natural to be anxious when looking forward to a fashion haul, but understanding how the shipping process works can provide reassurance.

There are a number of factors that affect the shipping timeline, including order processing and customs clearance. Shein’s customer support can assist you if your package is still in the “shipped” status with a bit of patience coupled with proactive communication if you need help resolving any potential issues.

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