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What does FedEx international shipment release import Mean?

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What does FedEx international shipment release import Mean? It is imperative that you understand the intricacies of customs clearance when importing and exporting goods internationally.

As part of this process, there is a crucial stage known as the “FedEx International Shipment Release Import.” We will go through the intricate details of international shipping in this blog post and explore the significance of FedEx’s shipment release import status in an attempt to unravel the complexities involved.

Join us as we explore the layers of customs, regulatory compliance, and seamless logistical processes that help make the process of importing packages across borders as easy as possible. # international shipment release import

International shipment release – Import

Whenever you track your package through FedEx’s website, you will see a message that says “International shipment release – Import”,

which is a status message that indicates your package has cleared customs in the country it is being imported into, and has been released for further distribution within your country. # International shipment release – Import

An international shipment release is a milestone that indicates that your FedEx package has been released for delivery in the destination country after passing through customs in the country of origin.

There have been no additional duties, taxes, or customs clearance procedures associated with the importation of this package. The package has already entered the FedEx network in the country of destination and is now on its way to the recipient.

Essentially, a release of an international shipment indicates that the package has been approved through customs and has been handed over to FedEx in the country of import.

This process confirms that the package has met customs regulations and that any necessary duties or fees have been paid. # International shipment release – Import

There is still a lot to do before your package can be delivered to its final destination, so we would like to remind you that this represents a major step forward.

What Does International Shipment Release Import Mean?

A shipment referred to as an “international shipment release import” means that the package has been cleared by customs and the imported items have been released onto the domestic market to continue the delivery process.

International Shipment Release – The export label indicates that the package is being sent internationally from the sender’s country. FedEx tracking doesn’t display this status since most countries do not have strict regulations for exported items. 

International Shipment Release – Sometimes the FedEx tracking status shows the Import status as well as the International Shipment Release.

A delivery status of “in transit” means that the package is nearing its final stage and will be delivered soon.# international shipment release import

How Does FedEx International Shipment Work?

Whether you are sending a package across the border from one country to another, FedEx international shipments involve a complex and well-coordinated process.

Below is a brief overview of how FedEx international shipments differ from domestic shipments:

Ensure the item can be shipped as intended

In different countries, there may be different restrictions on the types of goods that can be shipped across their borders. # FedEx International Shipment

Using, you will be able to find detailed information regarding the exporting and importing requirements of over 125 countries by referring to their individual Country Commercial Guides.

Export Administration Regulations (EAR) may also require you to obtain an export license or ECCN number depending on the contents of your shipment and the restrictions in the country where you’re exporting from. # FedEx International Shipment

Select a customs broker and determine the terms of sale

If there are any delays or holdups at customs, your chosen broker will work on your behalf to resolve them. If there are any delays or holdups at customs, your chosen broker will help resolve them on your behalf.

FedEx’s international services are usually broker-inclusive for shipments with a declared customs value of USD $500,000 or less. # FedEx International Shipment

Gather important information

There are some things you will need to include on the form, such as the name, address, and telephone number of the recipient, as well as the contents of the package and its value.

Determine which customs documents are required

The commercial invoice you’ll need to accompany your shipment will need to be filled out for customs. # FedEx International Shipment

Create an international label

In order to ship internationally, you must include the recipient’s address, your return address, and FedEx tracking information on the shipping label.

Complete and submit customs documents

A commercial invoice is one example of a document that would be required to be completed and submitted to FedEx in order to process the shipment. # FedEx International Shipment

international shipment release import

Package your item

If you are packing your item, you will need to ensure that it is securely packaged and adheres to FedEx’s packaging guidelines. # FedEx International Shipment

Get the package to FedEx

FedEx offers drop-off services at FedEx locations, or you can schedule a pickup for your package at one of their locations.

FedEx ensures that international shipments flow smoothly throughout the entire process by utilizing advanced logistics technology, compliance expertise, and a global network of facilities, all of which are located throughout the globe.

In order to provide a reliable and secure international shipping experience for both shippers and recipients, FedEx manages customs clearance efficiently and optimizes the transportation routes.

Why is My Package Still in Customs After Release?

In some cases, even after the global release milestone, the package tracking may still show a customs status on the package. If you see this, don’t be alarmed!

It is possible that your tracking still displays customs statuses after the overall international shipment has been released for a couple reasons:

  • Multi-Stage Customs – The customs process in some countries involves both steps after initial release of the goods as well as steps at the airport.
  • System Delays – Different tracking databases can have a lag time between them. There may not be a simultaneous update of all statuses.

There may be some country-specific customs steps that appear in the tracking even after the release. However, if the global release confirmation has already been sent, there is typically nothing to worry about.

Tracking Stuck on International Shipment Release Import

The FedEx tracking page may display the message “International Shipment Release Import” if the shipment has cleared customs and has been released to be distributed locally once it passes through customs in the country into which it is being imported.

FedEx customer service can assist you in order to resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your delivery of your package if you experience a delay in delivery. # Tracking Stuck on International Shipment Release Import

They will be able to provide you with more information about the status of your package in addition to helping you resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

The shipment tracking can sometimes get stuck on this update due to delays after customs clearance has been completed.

There is no doubt that FedEx should scan and send tracking alerts once the item has been picked up from customs and it has started the next stage of delivery, but there is the possibility that backlogs could delay this process.

Despite the fact that waiting for a FedEx delivery can be frustrating, I recommend that you exercise patience at this particular time even if you are waiting on a FedEx delivery and/or if an expedited FedEx service was used. # Tracking Stuck on International Shipment Release Import

Essentially, the international shipment has reached its destination and passed through customs after completing the difficult part of its journey.

In the event that two to three days pass with no new updates, it would certainly be wise to contact FedEx for details on the delay.

Use FedEx Delivery Manager for shipment Updates

Using FedEx Delivery Manager, you can keep track of your package’s international shipment release status and get alerts about it.

As soon as you create an account with Delivery Manager, you will be able to:

  • Enable push and email notifications for status updates
  • One dashboard for all your package tracking information
  • Keep track of the package’s progress and receive estimated delivery dates
  • Preferences and instructions for delivery can be customized

If you want to keep track of your package from the moment your international shipment is released until the moment it is delivered, sign up for Delivery Manager.

Awaiting collection by the consignee: DHL Tracking status


When a package transitions across borders, the phrase “FedEx International Shipment Release Import” represents the critical moment, navigating the complicated customs procedures and compliance requirements.

A successful international shipping process requires a delicate balance between regulatory compliance, logistical precision, and technological innovation, as we have explored this process in greater depth.

You should appreciate the orchestrated efforts behind the scenes the next time you track a package and see the status “Shipment Release Import.” In addition to ensuring that your international shipments cross borders smoothly,

FedEx is committed to efficiency, compliance, and customer satisfaction. We should recognize the importance of careful planning and execution in ensuring that international shipments are released on time and securely as we continue to observe the global flow of goods.

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