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How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously? Complete Guide

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How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously? The Facebook Stories feature has gained popularity over the years. Facebook is still a major force in social media, offering numerous ways for users to connect, share, and interact.

Through Facebook Stories, you can view your friends’ vacation photos or see the latest products from your favorite brands while remaining discreet and anonymous.

In the following, we will explain how to keep your privacy while viewing Facebook Stories, as well as how to deal with unwritten rules of social media etiquette.

View Facebook Story Anonymously? 

Instagram stories and posts can be viewed anonymously on Facebook, so you might also be able to see them there. 

You can check who viewed your Facebook profile if it is public. However, if it is public and you have access to their profile, do you want to stalk them? 

It just occurred to me that I should share something with you. It is possible to view someone’s private accounts in several ways.  

How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously?

You can disable airplane mode on your smartphone, watch only part of the story, deactivate your Facebook account, or block the creator if you don’t want to see Facebook stories.

This article describes how to view someone’s Facebook story without them knowing it. We provide detailed descriptions of each method, so you can become successful faster.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Profile Method

It is also possible to create a new account or use the profile of a friend if you don’t want to mess with your existing one. It is, however, only possible to view anonymous stories by sending someone a friend request.

The number of people adding strangers as friends on Facebook is declining, but why not give it a try?

Use Airplane Mode

Using airplane mode on your device when viewing a Facebook story will prevent Facebook from recognizing your device.

Your internet connection will be disconnected when you are in plane mode, so Facebook won’t be able to detect your account as a viewer.

The following steps must be followed in order to succeed with this method:

  1. You can access Facebook through a web browser of your choice.
  2. Each person’s story can be found on the home page.
  3. On your PC, make sure that airplane mode is enabled. 
  4. You can view the stories by returning to your Facebook account.
  5. To avoid blowing the cover again, close Facebook after viewing Facebook stories.

Once you’re back online, you should enable Airplane mode to load any stories that didn’t load previously. 

Deactivate Your Account

Make sure your name doesn’t appear in the list of viewers by deactivating your Facebook account. When your Facebook account has been inactive for a long time, deactivate it and reactivate it.

This can be accomplished by following these steps:

  1. For your device, you can access the Facebook app by clicking here.
  2. By selecting a story, you will be able to see it.
  3. To access the hamburger menu, tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. You can change your privacy settings by clicking the “Settings” button under “Settings & privacy.”.
  5. The “Settings” section allows you to modify the settings.
  6. The “Personal information” link allows you to view your personal information.
  7. Once you select “Access and Control,” an option for “Deactivation and Deletion” will appear.
  8. In order to deactivate your account, click “Deactivate account” and then “Continue with account deactivation”.

Seeing someone’s story within 24 hours won’t affect your account, so you can reactivate it.

Block Someone

You should use this method at your own risk, as it will permanently remove a friend from your list. Watching the story this way allows you to see it from beginning to end without becoming engrossed in the plot.

The best course of action is to follow these steps:

  1. Facebook can be accessed on any device.
  2. The stories can be viewed by clicking on them.
  3. It is possible to block someone after viewing their story.
  4. Unblocking them again should be done 24 hours after you have unblocked them previously.

Extensions Method

To view and download Facebook stories anonymously, here are some useful Chrome extensions you can use. 

  • Story Space
  • Anonymous Stories for Facebook

In addition, you can download the following apps:

  • Unseen (Android)
  • Ghostify (Android)

View a Story Partially

When you’ve finished viewing a story and clicked stop, you can keep your identity anonymous.

You will not be able to see the entire story since the owner of the story cannot verify your identity. # View Facebook Stories Anonymously

View Facebook Stories Anonymously

This can be accomplished by following these steps:

  1. Through your device, you can access Facebook
  2. During the story viewing process, you can swipe left or right.

How To View A Public Facebook Story Anonymously?

It is possible for users to view publicly posted stories on Facebook. In contrast, Facebook does not identify or notify viewers who do not belong to their friend list or are not connected to them by any connection, only providing the number of viewers.

As a result, the names of viewers who are not on their friend list remain anonymous.

Although you may have another account, you can still view the public Facebook story, # View A Public Facebook Story Anonymously

 Following these steps is the best way to proceed:

  1. You can create a second Facebook account by going to the login page and creating a new account.
  2. You can listen to the story of a person by visiting their profile.
  3. To see if he or she has published any public stories, click on his or her profile icon.
  4. Facebook will not list you as a viewer since you are using your secondary account to view it.
  5. Facebook’s policy prevents non-friends from viewing your page’s name.

Facebook Story Viewer Online

Facebook profiles, posts, and content can be viewed anonymously using tools, websites, and services. These tools allow you to view restricted content anonymously by bypassing Facebook’s privacy settings.

It is prohibited for anonymous Facebook users to use Facebook, according to Facebook’s policies. # Facebook Story Viewer Online

The Facebook story of someone may be accessible through some tools.

 iSpyoo Tool

ISpyoo allows you to monitor someone’s Facebook story anonymously without revealing who you are. It is the fastest and most affordable way to do this.

In addition to not showing up on the list of people who have viewed the user’s stories, you can use a monitoring tool to monitor the user’s stories anonymously without logging into your Facebook account.

Following these steps is the best way to proceed:

  1.  Click TRY NOW to begin using iSpyoo. Select a plan, purchase it, and then open the iSpyoo tool.
  2. The iSpyoo app, once installed and connected to your account, allows you to monitor the target device online.
  3.  If you log in to your iSpyoo account, you can spy on a user’s Facebook story and monitor the device’s activities.

mSpy Viewer Tool

It’s important to note that you can view Facebook stories anonymously on the mSpy dashboard, which is an important feature.

 Following these steps is the best way to proceed:

  1. mSpy is a website that allows users to create free accounts when they enter their e-mail addresses.
  2. Once you receive your account details via email, you must purchase a plan to get started.
  3. Installing mSpy on your target’s device and logging into the mSpy account you create will allow you to see the Facebook story of your target.

Spyzie Tool

Using this spying software, you can remotely monitor Android and iOS phones and spy on them remotely.

Following these steps in order is the best method of proceeding:

  1. If you are interested in getting started with Spyzie, please visit the official website. It is free and easy to use.
  2. Creating an account with Spyzie is as easy as entering your email address and purchasing a plan.
  3. Before you can use the Spyzie app on your target’s phone, the phone must be connected to your Spyzie account.

 Spyzie’s dashboard allows you to view the user’s activities by logging into your account.

Can I see who viewed my Facebook post

Additionally, Facebook users do not have the option to view a list of who has viewed their individual posts. Facebook’s privacy settings are geared towards protecting users’ privacy and giving them control over who sees their posts. 

Likes, comments, and shares are some engagement metrics provided by Facebook, but the platform does not reveal the identities of those who have viewed particular posts, whether they are on a personal page or a public one.

You should be aware of the fact that many third-party apps and websites claim to provide information on who has viewed your Facebook posts.

You should exercise caution when using such tools, since they may violate Facebook’s terms of service and compromise your account’s security and privacy.

It is important to respect other users’ privacy and boundaries on social media platforms. If you are concerned about the visibility of your own posts, you should review and adjust your privacy settings within Facebook’s platform to control who can see them.

How to watch Instagram live without them knowing?


There has been a lot of discussion in this blog post about the importance of using these techniques responsibly and ethically when viewing Facebook Stories. Please respect the privacy and boundaries of the creators when viewing these stories.

Likewise, it is also important to strike a balance between your anonymity and others’ online presence, as well as your own digital footprint and the online presence of others.

As we discussed in our blog post, viewing Facebook Stories should be done in a responsible and ethical manner. Respecting the privacy and boundaries of the creators of the content is important when viewing Facebook Stories.

To maintain your anonymity as well as to maintain your own online presence, you have to strike a balance between your own and their online presences in order to maintain your anonymity and your own online presence.

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