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How long does Sendle take to deliver? Complete Guide

How long does sendle take to deliver? With online shopping on the rise, consumers are increasingly relying on courier services that promise not just timely deliveries, but also a seamless and hassle-free experience that improves their overall shopping experience.

This is why the burning question on the minds of many eager recipients is, “How long does Sendle take to deliver?” Sendle is one such player in this field.

Our goal in this exploration is to shed some light on the intricacies of Sendle’s delivery timelines, giving insight into the factors that influence them and providing insights for all those eagerly awaiting their packages. # How long does Sendle take to deliver

Sendle delivery times

There are many reasons why Sendle is one of the best parcel delivery services in Australia. In the majority of cases, Sendle can deliver parcels within 1-4 business days from the time they are picked up to the time they are delivered. # Sendle delivery times

In order to determine the shipping time for Sendle, we consider the following factors:

  • Your pickup location – Metro areas are faster to pick up and ship
  • Delivery destination – For metropolitan and major regional addresses, delivery times are quicker
  • Time in transit – Distance between pickup and delivery locations affects transit time
  • Delivery service selected – Each Sendle delivery option has different timeframes

In peak periods, such as the Christmas season, delivery times may be extended by one or two days on average. Minor service delays may also occur during peak periods such as Christmas due to severe weather events. # Sendle delivery times

What is Sendle?

Founded in 2014, Sendle is an Australian courier company that has dedicated itself to becoming an ally of small and medium-sized businesses, because for Sendle, the success of these companies is their own success.

In addition to being a B-Comp certified company, Sendle delivery is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral service, which guarantees that wherever your shipments arrive, Sendle will always be doing its part to preserve the environment.

With the help of large companies’ distribution networks, they are making these products available to everyone across the nation.

We at Sendle make sure that every customer has access to a quick, efficient, and competitively priced delivery service at the most competitive price in the market. Among Sendle’s attractive services, we also offer free pickup, management, and online customer support for all of our customers.

Is send with Sendle legit?

Fortunately, Sendle shipping can provide all of the guarantees that a reputable courier company can provide to its customers, such as commitment, effectiveness, and on-time delivery, as well as the possibility of reshipment, cancellation for various reasons, and refund. 

In addition to that, Sendle shipping guarantees that your packages will arrive in optimal conditions within a reasonable period of time. In addition to that, our shipping service always keeps the environment in mind.

Additionally, all your payments will always be safe, as Sendle is committed to protecting its customers’ privacy and security, which is why they use Stripe as the payment method.

Should you have any doubts, you can reach out to the company via the following email address:

How long does Sendle take to deliver?

It is possible to receive deliveries from Sendle in two different ways:

Standard delivery

Delivery to a nearby city usually takes two to three days. It takes four to six business days to deliver to a city far from you. # How long does Sendle take to deliver

Express delivery

It is possible for Sendle to deliver packages on the same day (in the same city as the shipment) or the following business day if you book before 12pm.

Sendle picks up your parcels the same day, sends you an SMS two hours before they arrive, and delivers your parcels within two business days if you book before 12pm.

Sendle’s 2020 deliveries have been over 95% on time, and almost all late deliveries are delivered within two business days of the estimated delivery date. # How long does Sendle take to deliver

What is the maximum weight and size of a package that I can send with Sendle?

In addition to the different sizes available for parcels, Sendle also has different weight and volume limits for each size of parcel. Here is a list of some of the more common sizes:

  1. Keychain: 4oz
  2. T-shirt: 8oz
  3. Magazine: 12oz
  4. Coffee Mug: 1 lb
  5. Belt Bag: 5 lb and 172 in³
  6. Handbag: 8 lb and 354 in³
  7. Shoebox: 10 lb and 518 in³
  8. Briefcase: 15 lb and 691 in³
  9. Backpack: 20 lb and 864 in³
  10. Carry-on: 20 lb and 1728 in³
  11. Check-in: 50 lb and 3456 in³

Any parcel can exceed 108″ in length and circumference (including outer packaging). Circumference is the width multiplied by two, so the total length and circumference is L + 2x(W+H). A side can only be 48″ long.

The largest weight bracket for domestic orders is 50 lbs (and up to 5,184 in3). The largest weight bracket for international orders is 20 lbs.

A standard-sized parcel that you send with Sendle must be under 1728 cubic inches, under 20 pounds, have a length and circumference of less than 108″ and sides not exceeding 22″ in order to be eligible.

Sendle will not be able to refund the original shipping cost if the item you’re sending is oversized (i.e. over 50lbs).

How long does Sendle take to deliver

How do I track my package from Sendle?

Sendle offers several ways to track your package, and you can use any of them to do so:

Sendle Tracking Page: 

Sendle helps you track your package with its tracking page. To get a quick shipment tracking snapshot, enter your tracking number, which is a 6- to 8-character number that starts with an ‘S’.

Email Notifications: 

In the event that the sender used your email address when making the booking, you will receive an email about the status of your package. # track my package from Sendle

It is important to remember that your Sendle tracking number can be found in your confirmation or notification emails. Also, the package tracking number is shared with your sender so they can track the shipment progress with Sendle’s tracking tool. When the package completes its journey, both of you will be notified.

Sendles’ team will get back to you as soon as possible if you experience any issues tracking your package via the Sendle Toolbox, which senders can find in their Sendle dashboard1.

Delivery times for send with Sendle

For Sendle’s most popular delivery services, here are the typical shipping times:

Sendle Sameday

  • Metro areas – Usually 1-2 hours from pickup to delivery
  • In the Sydney metro area, Melbourne metro area, Brisbane metro area and Adelaide metro area
  • In order to qualify for same-day delivery, you must order by the afternoon

Sendle Express

  • Between metro areas – Delivery in 1 business day
  • Metro to regional centre – Delivery in 1-2 business days

It is possible for delivery times to vary between pickup and delivery locations depending on distance and transit routes.

You can estimate the transit time by using Sendle’s transit time calculator, which can help you make your decision.

Does Sendle use Australia Post?

Unlike other postal services, Sendle offers an option that is far more advantageous for Australian customers, as it offers a more affordable and people-focused service.

According to Sendle’s criteria, the company provides a clear price guarantee over Australia Post, which is extremely beneficial to small and medium sized businesses.

What are Sendle shipping costs?

Sendle has a lot of great advantages when it comes to its competitive Sendle pricing. In the following, you can see some of the rates for domestic shipping from Sendle:

  • Typical rates: $9.50 for one kilo, 4 L package within the same city. $10.95 for the rest of the country.
  • Sendle Premium: Within the same city, starting at $8.50 for a one kilo, four-liter package. Nationwide shipping starts at $9.95.
  • A one-kilo package of 4 L costs $6.33 in the same city. A nationwide package costs $8.56.

A Sendle dashboard allows customers to get a free quote. After registering, fill out the pickup and delivery details, including package size and weight, and the system will reveal the Sendle pricing associated with the requested service.

You can also get the Sendle pricing by using the Sendle quotation tool, which you can access without logging in at all. # Sendle shipping costs

How do I contact Sendle?

A Sendle Help Center has been set up by the company to address any doubts you might have regarding the procedures. It contains the most frequently asked questions and answers to specific questions.

In the case of personal requests regarding package tracking, they recommend using Sendle Toolbox. You can also contact Sendle support by clicking on the links below.

When you click on the link, you will be asked to provide your email address, phone number, and what assistance you need. Our team usually responds within 2 days. We are open between 9am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.

What does it Mean Shipment is Out With Courier for Delivery?


Considering the dynamic nature of package delivery, it is not easy to answer the question of how long Sendle takes to deliver a package.

After reviewing the various factors that influence delivery timelines, we are convinced that Sendle strives to strike a delicate balance between efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability when it comes to delivery timelines.

As a result of the service level chosen, the geographical area traversed, and the efficiency of the shipping routes, the overall delivery experience is determined.

When users are eagerly awaiting their parcels, they can gain valuable insight from understanding the dynamics of Sendle’s delivery process.

Even though Sendle has positioned itself as a reliable courier service, it is important to acknowledge the variables that influence the delivery timeframe so that realistic expectations are set.

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