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Awaiting collection by the consignee: DHL Tracking status

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Awaiting collection by the consignee. DHL, one of the most recognized names in the logistics industry, ensures the swift movement of packages from one place to another.

As customers eagerly anticipate their shipments’ arrival, tracking systems become the lifeline for real-time updates as they get anxiously awaiting their packages.

When it comes to tracking statuses, the phrase “Awaiting collection by the consignee” often raises some questions and a little bit of curiosity.

The purpose of this blog is to take a closer look at what this DHL tracking status means for both shippers and recipients, exploring how it impacts both parties’ lives in different ways. # Awaiting collection by the consignee

Awaiting collection by the consignee

A standard status used by DHL is “Awaiting collection by the consignee” to indicate that your package has arrived at the delivery facility or post office where it is expected to be picked up by its intended recipient. # Awaiting collection by the consignee

Now it is just waiting for the recipient to pick it up. The package has already arrived at the final delivery location, and it is waiting for its delivery.

This message is displayed when a package has been delivered to the final delivery address and has now been left to await the recipient’s collection.

This message is usually displayed when a package has been requested to be picked up by the recipient from the delivery facility or the post office. # Awaiting collection by the consignee

Why DHL Delivery show Status Awaiting collection by the consignee?

When your package is waiting to be picked up or collected by its intended recipient, it will be displayed as “Awaiting collection by the consignee”.

This status indicates that your package has been delivered to the delivery facility or post office near its intended recipient and that it is now there waiting for them to pick it up. # DHL Delivery show Status Awaiting collection by the consignee

Your DHL delivery may show this status for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Direct delivery was not possible when the courier arrived at the recipient’s address.
  2. We were unable to complete the delivery due to the requirement for a signature or ID verification.
  3. In this case, the address of the recipient is a post office box or a mail facility.

It may be necessary to reschedule your collection if your package is not collected. To check if your delivery window has passed and to reschedule your delivery, click here.

If you cannot pick up the package yourself, you can arrange for a redelivery with an operator. # DHL Delivery show Status Awaiting collection by the consignee

Awaiting collection by the consignee

What I should do when I see the status Awaiting collection by the consignee?

In the case that your DHL tracking shows “Awaiting Collection by the Consignee,” your package is at the destination postal facility and ready for collection. # Awaiting collection by the consignee

Here is what you or the recipient should do:

  • It is recommended that you contact your local post office or collection facility to verify if the package is being held there and arrange a pickup. DHL will provide the address in their tracking system.
  • If you are unable to complete delivery because of missing documentation, provide the necessary identification or signature.
  • Rescheduled delivery is necessary if a more convenient delivery arrangement is not available.
  • In order to release the package, you will need to pay any necessary customs charges or fees.

Once the status is displayed, it is the recipient’s responsibility to collect the package. However, you can provide them the tracking information so that they can pick up the package as soon as possible. # Awaiting collection by the consignee

Who is the consignee for DHL?

A DHL shipment’s consignee is the person or organization to which it will be delivered. When a shipment is created, the shipper typically provides this information, and it is crucial for DHL to ensure the package reaches the recipient.

When expecting a DHL shipment, you should contact the shipper or consult the tracking information provided by DHL to find out who the consignee is.

Can someone else collect my package for me?

FedEx indicates that anyone with a tracking number living at the recipient’s address can pick up your package. Any person with the tracking number can pick up your package for you.

Please bring government-issued photo identification corresponding to the recipient’s address (mobile phone screenshots will not be accepted).

Alternatively, you can arrange for redelivery by talking to an operator if you are not able to collect the package yourself.

Can I change the delivery address of my DHL package?

By using DHL’s parcel redirection service, you can change the delivery address of your DHL package.

DHL offers this service so that all shipments addressed to your home address are automatically redirected to your preferred postal outlet or Packstation by either redirecting your parcels to your local Packstation or postal outlet, or entering a parcel redirection permanently in your customer account.

In addition, you can edit your DHL EasyShop address book to change the delivery address of your package. You can do this by logging into your DHL # Can I change the delivery address of my DHL package

EasyShop account, selecting “My Address Book” and selecting “edit,” and replacing the old delivery address with the new one.

You will receive an email from DHL confirming the new delivery address.

Alternatively, you can reschedule your parcel if you have already missed the delivery window on the DHL website by visiting the “DHL Reschedule a Delivery” page.

Providing a new address and/or time slot for delivery can be accomplished by entering your tracking number in the specified field.

DHL Shipment On hold awaiting for payment of shipment related fees


During the delivery process, the DHL tracking status is crucial. As shippers prepare packages for their onward journey, customers anticipate receiving their awaited items soon.

By understanding this phase, customers not only gain insight into the logistics process, but are also able to gauge when their shipments will arrive.

Whether you’re a business that depends on timely deliveries or an individual eagerly awaiting a personal package, a shipment’s journey involves a variety of steps.

As a symbol of the imminent connection between sender and receiver, the “Awaiting collection by the consignee” status bridges the gap between electronic data and tangible goods.

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