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Why does my UPS package keep saying clearance in progress?

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Why does UPS my package keep saying clearance in progress? In the fast-paced world of online shopping, where instant gratification is the norm, it can be hard to wait for a package in order to arrive.

The moment you are eagerly tracking your parcel and find it stuck in the limbo of “clearance in progress” with UPS, it’s natural to feel a mixture of frustration and curiosity.

But what does this status mean, and why does it seem to remain on your tracking page for so long? Throughout this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of why UPS packages frequently get caught in clearance procedures, as well as the factors that contribute to this delay.

It is important that online shoppers understand the logistics of shipping so that they can navigate the waiting game with more patience and awareness so that they do not have to deal with the same problems again and again.

What Does Clearance In Progress Mean On UPS?

There are times when UPS tracking shows that the shipment has been cleared by customs but is still in the process of being cleared.

Each time that the shipment enters or leaves a new country, it will have to pass through customs twice (once when the shipment leaves the country from which it is being sent, and again when it reaches the country to which it is being sent).

In spite of this, not all packages are shipped directly from the shipper’s country to you, so it’s possible that the package may need to be cleared an additional time in your country as well.

It is a good thing that the clearance in progress message you are seeing is perfectly normal, and is part of how UPS is legally able to move packages around the world with no hassle at all.

Why does my package keep saying clearance in progress?

When UPS is preparing your package for clearance, it means that the shipment has been prepared for clearance through customs, but the clearance has not yet taken place.

When tracking your UPS package, you may see a message saying that a clearance is in progress, and that is what it means:

it is currently being processed by customs, so it is normal to see that message. Whenever a package is stuck in clearance in progress, it means that customs officials are reviewing it and may have to perform additional inspections or pay an additional fee before it can be released for delivery.

During the export and import processes, all international shipments must go through a process to comply with government regulations. # Why does my package keep saying clearance in progress

Customs clearance is always required for international packages upon arrival at the border. This is not a special UPS policy. When a package arrives at the border, customs checks the following:

  • Documentation matches the contents of the shipment
  • Regulations for importation have been met
  • Appropriate payment of taxes and duties
  • An entry permit has been granted for the goods

All international shipments go through the clearance in progress process, and no action is required from you. # Why does my package keep saying clearance in progress

How Long Does Customs Clearance Take?

Whenever there is a process that involves safety and regulations, it can take some time. Customs clearance can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on several factors, such as:2.

  1. “From” and “to” country regulations,
  2. A cargo’s type,
  3. Controlled substances or not,
  4. You should also consider how efficient your customs broker is.

Other countries have agreements that make clearance times faster, while others have quite the opposite. # How Long Does Customs Clearance Take

You might not be aware of that, for instance, importing something from China to the United States will take a lot longer than importing something from Canada to the United States.

In your mind, you might think, “Well, yeah, that makes a lot of sense; China is on an entirely different continent!” However, geography isn’t the only factor that plays a role in this situation. 

In other words, clearance times take a lot longer than they would if you imported something from Canada due to the stricter regulations in China and the ongoing trade war with the United States. # How Long Does Customs Clearance Take

What is the first step of the customs clearance process?

A customs clearance procedure begins with the submission of the necessary documentation as part of the process. It is mandatory for the shipper or the customs broker associated with the shipment to provide the customs authorities with a set of essential documents when a shipment arrives at the customs border of its destination country.

These documents typically include:

Commercial Invoice: 

The purpose of this document is to provide details about the goods that are being shipped, including a description of each item, the quantity, the value, and the terms of sale that pertain to the shipment.

Packing List: 

It specifies how the goods will be packed and the weights and dimensions of each individual item in the shipment, as well as having an outline of what the shipment will contain.

Bill of Lading or Airway Bill: 

There are a number of informational items in this document, such as the shipping route, the shipping method, and the person to whom the goods are to be delivered.

Certificate of Origin: 

A country of origin certificate verifies the origin of the goods, indicating the country in which they were manufactured.

It is imperative in order to determine whether the goods are eligible for preferential trade agreements or to assess how much tariffs should be applied.

Other Specialized Documents: 

For certain products, such as pharmaceuticals, food items and hazardous materials, or other items that require additional documentation, such as permits, licenses, or certificates, may be required depending on the nature of the goods.

The customs authorities review these documents thoroughly once they have been submitted so that they are in compliance with the regulations of the destination country, once they have been submitted.

If the accurate and completeness of these documents is not ensured, it could delay the process of clearing customs. In case any discrepancies or missing information is identified, it may cause delays as customs officials work with the shipper or broker to resolve the issue.

How long does clearance in progress take with UPS?

It is important to note that the length of time a shipment is in the “Clearance in Progress” status can vary widely depending on several factors. # How long does clearance in progress take with UPS

In international shipping, customs clearance is a crucial step, which is determined by the complexity of the shipment, the accuracy of the documentation, the specific requirements of the destination country’s customs authorities, and any unforeseen circumstances that might arise.

In order to determine how much time it will take for customs clearance, we must take into account the following factors:

Documentation Accuracy: 

Any discrepancies or missing information that could delay a person’s visa application can result in the application being rejected. It is crucial that all the necessary documentation is accurate, complete, and compliant with the destination country’s regulations.

Customs Procedures: 

In some countries the processing of customs clearance is more streamlined, while in others it is more difficult and time-consuming. It is important to note that each country has its own customs procedures and processes. # How long does clearance in progress take with UPS

clearance in progress

Type of Goods: 

Depending on the type of goods, customs officials may assess them with greater diligence or conduct additional inspections. The customs authorities may also require more thorough inspections for items that are perishable or regulated.

Volume of Shipments: 

There can also be a significant impact on processing times based on the volume of shipments going through customs during peak seasons or when there is a high volume of shipping activity.

Random Inspections: 

A random inspection by customs authorities can lead to delays in the clearance process if it leads to random inspections of shipments. # How long does clearance in progress take with UPS

Geopolitical Events: 

Customs processing times can be affected by changes in trade policies, changes in economic or political events, or other geopolitical factors.

Due to the fact that the “Clearance in Progress” status varies from case to case, it is difficult for UPS, as well as other shipping carriers, to provide a specific timeline for it. UPS, like other shipping carriers, strives to expedite the process and minimize delays.

It may be a good idea to contact UPS customer service if you notice that your package has been in clearance for a long period of time.

It is often possible for them to provide you with updates regarding the status of your shipment and provide suggestions on how you can expedite the process by taking the necessary steps. # How long does clearance in progress take with UPS

Can I Track my Package through clearance?

During each stage of customs clearance, UPS provides you with updates so you can keep track of how your package is progressing so you will know when it will arrive:

  • Arrived at facility – Package has reached the UPS customs-controlled warehouse for processing.
  • Clearance in progress – Shipment entered inspection by customs authorities.
  • Available for clearance – Passed inspection and exiting customs.
  • Released by gov agency – Cleared customs and released for delivery.
  • Package ready for UPS – Handed back to UPS after customs to resume delivery.

In addition, UPS’s tracking tools such as their website, email alerts, text messages, and mobile app provide you with real-time updates about the status of your package as it clears customs.

Signing up for text and email tracking can keep you informed if your shipment is delayed in clearing customs.

What is customs clearance?

The process of customs clearance is the process by which a shipment destined for import or export is reviewed by the Customs Office and cleared for shipment.

It is generally possible to break down the customs clearance process into four major steps in general.

i. There are two types of customs paperwork you need to submit to a Customs Officer for inspection.

ii. Assessing the customs paperwork that has been submitted.

IIII. Calculation of duties and taxes in accordance with the law.

iv. Payment of customs and excise duties.

1. Documentation must be accurate and complete. Customs documentation requirements vary by destination, but always include an air waybill and commercial invoice. Customs documents may also include certificates of origin, specific government certifications, packing lists, pro forma invoices, bills of lading, certificates of conformity, export licenses, insurance certificates, letters of credit, import licenses, customs bonds, and entry documents.

2. The customs broker must intervene if the paperwork is inaccurate or incomplete, otherwise fines or penalties may be assessed.

How long does does Custom Clearance takes?

There is a good chance that your package will pass through clearance within 24-72 hours without any issues. The only time you need to take action is if your package does not show any tracking updates after arriving in the destination country for several days after arrival.

The following recommendations are provided to help you determine when to follow up on your inquiry:

  • It is important to contact UPS after 3 days in order to get an update on the tracking number
  • After 5 days – Have UPS contact customs for status
  • After 7+ days – Open investigation into delays

If you wait a week or more at customs before taking action, then you are wasting your time. The majority of delayed packages get resolved within 3-5 days after contacting UPS about the delay.

But the earlier you address any problems, the sooner you can have your package back on track.

What does Import scan mean on UPS tracking?


Ultimately, the “clearance in progress” status on your UPS tracking page is a testament to the complex web of international shipping regulations and procedures that exist in the shipping world.

In spite of the fact that it can be exasperating to wait for your eagerly anticipated package, knowing how complex customs clearance can be can help you put your fears in perspective.

In order to ensure the safety and legality of cross-border shipments, it is crucial to recognize that this phase is a crucial part of the process. Keeping patience during these times and keeping informed about possible reasons behind clearance delays empowers us to navigate the waiting game with resilience and to remain patient as consumers during these times as well. 

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