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What does Import scan mean on UPS tracking? Complete Guide

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What does import scan mean on ups tracking? The term “Import Scan” on UPS tracking stands out as one of the status updates which catches the attention of eager recipients and sparks their curiosity regarding its significance in the shipping process, among the status updates that capture their attention.

We embark on this blog post to explore the significance of the term “Import Scan,” exploring its crucial role in the global shipping industry.

Defining the path of our packages through customs and into our hands requires meticulous procedures and behind-the-scenes operations, which we will shed light on.

What does import scan mean on ups tracking?

On your UPS tracking page, a status of “Import Scan” indicates your shipment has been cleared by the customs authority of the receiving country after it has undergone all the necessary processes.

In transit is a positive sign that your package is on its way to the next destination. As soon as your shipment leaves the port, it moves toward a local distribution center.

Depending on your location and the efficiency of your local sorting center, your package will stay in transit for a certain amount of time.

The tracking update for your package should change to “Out for Delivery” once it leaves the depot closest to your address. Delivery should occur that day or the following day at this point.

Is Import scan the final stop before deliver?

It’s important to note that an import scan does not necessarily indicate your package is on its way. After clearing customs, there are usually a few more stops before your package reaches its final destination.

It is likely that your package will be sorted closer to your delivery destination before arriving at your local post office. UPS may transport packages via truck or airplane between UPS locations as well.

After you clear customs, you can still expect additional transit time, even after the package clears. The “Out for Delivery” UPS scan will indicate the final leg of transportation before your package arrives.

Why did my package get an import scan?

A UPS tracking status of “Import Scan” indicates that your shipment is being processed through customs in the destination country at a certain point in the shipping process.

It is an important part of the customs clearance process for international shipments and is a standard procedure for moving goods across borders. Several reasons can lead to your package receiving an import scan:

Customs Clearance Process:

Customs officials in the destination country inspect shipments thoroughly to ensure compliance with local regulations, verify documentation, and assess any applicable duties and taxes. An import scan is the final step in customs clearance.

Document Verification:

Import scans involve the verification of shipping paperwork included with your package. Customs officials examine the commercial invoice, packing list, and other related documents for accuracy and completeness.

Inspection of Contents:

It is possible for customs to physically inspect the contents of the package depending on the nature of the goods or a random selection to ensure that they match the information provided in the documentation in order to prevent the movement of goods across borders that are illegal or unauthorized.

Compliance with Regulations:

Import scans ensure your shipment is compliant with the specific import regulations of the destination country. Countries have various rules and restrictions regarding the import of goods; import scans verify that your shipment meets these requirements.

Security Measures:

The import scan is used by customs authorities to implement security measures to prevent prohibited and restricted items from entering the country, thereby contributing to the overall safety and security of international trade.

Risk Assessment:

In order to identify shipments that may need further scrutiny, customs authorities may conduct risk assessments based on factors such as goods type, country of origin, and other relevant information.

Generally, the import scan is a routine step in the international shipping process, and most packages pass through it smoothly. Depending on a number of factors, such as how efficiently customs clearance works in the destination country, how accurate the documentation is, and what type of goods are being shipped, the duration of the import scan may vary.

It is recommended that you contact UPS customer service or refer to the tracking details for additional information if you have specific concerns or questions about your package’s import scan.

Import scan

How long does it take for a package to clear customs after import scan?

Depending on the destination country, clearance times vary from just a few hours to 5 business days or more. There is no standard time frame for how long international packages take to clear customs after arrival.

There are a number of factors that affect customs clearance speed, including:

  • Detailed information about the destination country and its import policies
  • Types and values of shipment contents
  • A shipper’s ability to provide accurate customs paperwork
  • Amount of shipments being processed at the moment
  • During screening, any issues that were flagged

You should monitor the UPS tracking number for updates on the delivery process. While UPS works to expedite the process, it ultimately depends on the customs agency processing time in your destination country.

What does processed through facility mean after an import scan?

A package’s status “Processed Through Facility” usually indicates that it has cleared customs and is moving through a facility, usually run by the carrier, once it has cleared customs.

As your shipment progresses toward its final destination, this status is a positive sign, as it indicates it has navigated the complexities of international customs procedures.

A breakdown of “Processed Through Facility” in the context of international shipments can be found here:

Customs Clearance Completion:

“Processed Through Facility” is the next status after “Import Scan,” which indicates that customs officials have reviewed and approved the necessary paperwork prior to clearing your package.

Carrier Handling:

It is common for a package to be marked as “Processed Through Facility” once it has cleared customs and been handed over to the carrier for further transportation and delivery.

Sorting and Routing:

Packages are sorted and routed at the facility where they are processed according to their final destinations. This is essential for ensuring that the correct delivery route is taken for the package.

Last-Mile Transportation:

When the package has been processed through the facility, it will usually be loaded onto the appropriate transportation method (such as a delivery truck) for its final journey to the recipient.

Final Delivery Preparation:

It indicates that your package is moving closer to its final delivery destination. As the package proceeds through the transportation network, the tracking information will be updated accordingly.

While the “Processed Through Facility” status is generally a positive indication that your package is progressing toward delivery, the exact timeline for the next steps can vary.

Delivery schedules, the efficiency of the logistics network of the carrier, and the proximity of the facility to the final destination can all affect when your package will arrive. # processed through facility mean after an import scan

The carrier’s customer service can provide more specific information about the status and estimated delivery timeframe of your shipment if you contact them and reference the tracking details.

What happens after an import scan on UPS Tracking?

The package will then undergo the necessary customs procedures that the destination country requires for international shipments following receipt of an import scan.

These procedures may include the following:

  • Verification and processing of the documentation
  • Assessing and paying duty and tax is a part of the assessment process
  • Screening and inspection of security systems
  • Upon completion of the customs procedure, a confirmation of clearance will be sent

Depending on the destination country, the customs clearance process can take from a few hours to several days. UPS will submit the appropriate import documentation and will work with customs to ensure your package is cleared in the shortest time possible.

There will be a second scan showing that your package has been cleared from customs once it has exited the facility, and it will continue to be sent to you.

What does UPS on the way mean?


In unraveling the layers of this status update, we have come to realize that the import scan is not just a technicality but a testament to the meticulous attention that is given to every parcel that passes from one country to another.

Next time you are tracking a package on UPS and you see the “Import Scan” status, think about the entire process your shipment is going through – from document verification to ensuring compliance with international trade regulations.

As a testament to the seamless coordination between technology, regulation, and logistics, the import scan is a testament to the seamless orchestration that is bringing the world closer to us with each successful clearance.

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