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What time does DPD deliver until? Complete Guide

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What time does DPD deliver until? When you eagerly await a delivery from DPD and wonder, “What time does DPD deliver until?”—you are not the only one.

The timing of courier services plays such an important role that it has an important impact on our expectations and plans. # What time does DPD deliver until

In this blog post, we unravel the intricacies of DPD’s delivery hours, exploring the factors that influence delivery times and the considerations to keep in mind as you await the arrival of your much-anticipated package.

Who is DPD?

The firm DPD (or Dynamic Parcel Distribution) is one of the foremost courier companies in the world, and one of the largest parcel delivery services in Europe.

Owned by French postal service La Poste, DPD couriers handle over 300 million parcels every year, and the number has been growing steadily since the 1980s. 

About DPD Ireland

In addition to its large network of 500 depots across 230 countries, DPD Ireland is connected to the company’s large network of courier services.

If you would like to ship your parcels quickly and safely to Ireland, the UK, or international destinations, then DPD Express and other DPD shipping services are available to help.

Through DPD Ireland, you have access to a number of drop-off and collection points, which means your parcel is able to be delivered in no time at all. 

Superfast DPD Parcel Delivery

DPD couriers deliver parcels within 1 to 3 working days when they reach DPD Ireland. You can also choose next day or Saturday or Sunday delivery if you need a quicker service.

To get started, you can go to your local DPD pick up shops or DPD collection points near you, or arrange a DPD collection from home.

With Parcel2Go, you will always get the best prices on your shipping with DPD! Use our quick quote tool to view prices and send a parcel with DPD today. # DPD Parcel Delivery

What time does DPD deliver until?

In general, DPD’s standard delivery hours fall during regular business hours, typically between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, depending on the service level, the location, and the policies of the local DPD depot. #What time does DPD deliver until?

There are additional services offered by DPD that can provide more precise delivery timeframes. Here are some to keep in mind:

  • DPD Predict:
    • On the day of delivery, DPD’s Predict service provides customers with a one-hour delivery window notification. This notification enhances customer convenience by providing an accurate estimate of when they can expect to receive their order.
  • Express Services:
    • Depending on whether you have selected an express delivery service, delivery times may differ. Express services tend to prioritize faster delivery and may have more specific delivery deadlines.
  • Time-Specific Deliveries:
    • In certain cases, DPD may offer time-specific delivery options, giving customers the choice of a specific time window when they would like their order delivered.
  • Weekend Deliveries:
    • In most cases, DPD delivers on weekdays. However, some services, particularly the express ones, may offer weekend deliveries, which extend the delivery window to Saturdays and Sundays.

For the most accurate information regarding delivery times for your particular parcel, it’s best to check the tracking details provided by DPD.

You can usually track the progress of your parcel in real-time using the tracking information, which often includes estimated delivery times. # What time does DPD deliver until?

You can reach out to DPD customer service for assistance if you have questions about your parcel’s delivery schedule or need to arrange a more convenient delivery time.

Depending on your location and the service you used, they can provide you with detailed information. # What time does DPD deliver until?

DPD Parcel delivery times Ireland

Track and trace your DPD consignment by clicking the Track & Trace button below. If your parcel is already on one of their vans for delivery, you’ll see your PredictTM 1 hour delivery slot if it is already on one of their vans for delivery. DPP delivers normally between 8a.m. – 6p.m.

Delivery times for DPD in Ireland can vary depending on the type of package, the destination, and the specific service selected. For regular delivery services, DPD generally operates during business hours. # DPD Parcel Delivery

Here are some key points to consider:

Standard Deliveries:

Throughout Ireland, DPD offers standard deliveries from Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Delivery times vary, but typically take place between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

DPD Predict:

Predict, a service offered by DPD, provides customers with an hour-by-hour delivery window notification on the day of delivery. This notification enhances convenience and reduces uncertainty regarding the arrival of their packages.

Express Services:

It is possible for DPD to offer express delivery services with more specific timeframes. Express services often come with faster delivery options and the option of choosing a specific time for delivery.

Weekend Deliveries:

Standard DPD deliveries occur during the week, but there are some services that offer weekend delivery. Express and time-specific delivery options may be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

A number of factors can affect delivery times, including the delivery address, the level of service selected, and any special arrangements made by the sender or recipient.

Check the specific terms and conditions associated with the service you have chosen or contact DPD customer service for assistance to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about DPD delivery times in Ireland.

Additionally, the DPD Predict service and online tracking tools can provide real-time updates on the status and expected delivery time of your package.

What time does DPD deliver until

What happens if DPD didn’t deliver my parcel?

Here are some common scenarios and steps you can take if DPD did not deliver your parcel as expected. This can be due to several reasons, and here are some of the most common ones:

Missed Delivery Attempt:

Occasionally, DPD will attempt to deliver a parcel to you when you are not at the specified address. If this occurs, they may leave you a calling card that indicates the parcel has not been delivered and provides instructions on how you can rearrange delivery or collect it.

Delivery to a Safe Place or Neighbor:

Please check around your property or with your neighbors to see if your parcel was left in a secure location according to your delivery preferences or instructions.

Depending on your delivery preferences, DPD might leave your parcel in a safe place (if authorized) or with a neighbor.# What happens if DPD didn’t deliver my parcel

Parcel at Local Depot:

The parcel may be returned to the local depot by DPD if the delivery attempt has been unsuccessful. If this is the case, you will need to check your tracking information in order to find out if this is the case, and follow the instructions on how to arrange a redelivery or pick it up from the local depot.

Tracking Information:

Check the status and location of your parcel by using the tracking information provided by DPD. You may gain insight into the reasons why the delivery of your parcel was unsuccessful and what steps you can take to remedy the situation.

Contact DPD Customer Service:

In case you are unable to locate your parcel or need further assistance, you can contact DPD customer service. They can provide you with detailed information about your delivery, provide you with redelivery options, or guide you on how to collect the parcel from the nearest depot.

Delivery Preferences:

Ensure that you review your delivery preferences with DPD. Some recipients may have specific delivery instructions or preferences registered with DPD, such as whether or not to leave the parcel with a neighbor or in a designated safe place. # What happens if DPD didn’t deliver my parcel

Delivery Timeframe:

You will want to consider the expected delivery timeframe. Sometimes, parcels can be delayed for a number of reasons, and the delivery may still be in progress while the delay occurs.

It is important to remember that contacting DPD customer service is the best way to resolve any delivery issues. They can offer personalized assistance based on your particular situation and help ensure that your parcel is delivered successfully. # What happens if DPD didn’t deliver my parcel

How many times will DPD attempt delivery?

There can be a wide range of delivery attempts by DPD depending on the specific policies of DPD in your region, the type of service that was chosen, as well as the nature of the delivery. # How many times will DPD attempt delivery

It is common practice for DPD to make multiple delivery attempts in order to ensure that the parcel reaches its destination. However, the exact number of delivery attempts can also be influenced by several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Standard Deliveries:
    • In the case of standard deliveries, DPD typically makes several attempts to deliver the package before looking at alternative options. The exact number of attempts will vary depending on the country and region.
  • Express or Time-Specific Services:
    • It is possible for DPD to make repeated attempts within a shorter timeframe as part of its express or time-specific services, in order to meet the specified delivery window. These services are often prioritized towards timely delivery.
  • Delivery Preferences:
    • It is important to note that DPD takes into consideration any preferences provided by the recipient. For example, if you have provided instructions for leaving the parcel in a safe place or with a neighbor, DPD may adjust the delivery attempts accordingly.
  • Local Depot Policies:
    • In addition, the policies and procedures of the local DPD depot can also have an impact on the success or failure of the delivery. The depot may have a set number of attempts before considering alternative options.
  • Communication with Recipient:
    • In the event that a delivery attempt is missed, DPD may attempt to communicate with the recipient via a calling card or by electronic means in order to provide instructions for what needs to be done next.

For you to gain an understanding of the number of delivery attempts that DPD has made on your parcel, it is important to check the tracking information. # How many times will DPD attempt delivery

The tracking details usually provide information about what to do if you miss a delivery, such as arranging a redelivery or obtaining a parcel from a local depot.

Whenever you have specific questions regarding delivery attempts for your parcel, it is advisable to contact the DPD Customer Service department.

They can provide you with personalized assistance based on the specifics of your situation and guide you through the available options for a successful delivery.

Does DPD deliver on Sundays And Bank holidays?


The more you understand the nuances of DPD’s delivery hours, the smoother and more informed your experience can be as you anxiously anticipate your DPD delivery.

There are several options available for standard deliveries, including express services, time-specific options, and even weekend deliveries, that provide added convenience over standard deliveries during weekdays. # DPD delivery

So, the next time you find yourself tracking a DPD parcel and wondering when the parcel will arrive, take into consideration the service level you have chosen as well as any specific delivery preferences you may have specified.

Due to DPD’s commitment to transparency and customer-centric services, the delivery process is not only efficient, but tailored to meet the needs of the recipient, ensuring that your parcel is delivered at your doorstep at the most convenient time.

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