Online Training

ARTCAM Overview
ARTCAM Environments
ARTCAM User Interface

  • Model Information
  • File Format
  • Applications Model Sheet
  • Settings of ARTCAM
  • Bitmap Tools
  • Vector Tools
  • Drawing Profiles
  • Sketch
  • Geometric Relationships
  • Dimensioning

Planning of Vector Designs

  • Node Editing
  • Creating Multiple 2D Objects Alignment of Vectors
  • Usages of Offset and Mirror
  • Vector Library
  • Vector Clipping and Slice
  • Nesting Vector Object

Planning of 3D Relief
Creating 3D Relief
Applications of 3D Objects

  • Introduction of 3D Relief
  • Introduction of 3D Shape Editor
  • Creating Easy 3D Object
  • Using Shape Editor
  • Introduction of 3D Relief Tools
  • Creating 3D Textures
  • Adjusting and Maintaining Depth
  • 3D Relief Object
  • Special Tools of 3D Relief
  • Exporting 3D Relief Images

Planning of Creating Tool Path
Different Types of Material
Different Types of Method
Different Types of Tools

  • Data's of Different Types of Tools
  • Different Types of Tool Path
  • Tool Path Operations
  • Creating 2D Tool Path
  • Creating 3D Tool Path
  • Tool Path Simulation
  • Creating Core & Cavity in Brass and Aluminium
  • Creating Die using Brass and Aluminium


  • Creating 3D Images for Stone (Marbles)
  • Easy Method to 3D Image By using Color


  • Method of Creating Different Shapes in Different height
  • Creating Tool Path for Wood & MDF
  • Creating Tool Path for Stone
  • Creating Tool Path for Acrylic
  • Creating Tool Path for Core & Cavity
  • Creating Tool Path for Die Making
  • Creating 3D Image from Tool Path using G-Codes

 Time Duration

2D Practical Only 8 hrs

3D Practical Only 8 hrs

Tool Path & Simulation Only 8 hrs