Presently, Zillion RPM Labs has plan to establish Franchisees spread across the world & ever growing. Our score card of franchisees will be one indication to our commitment in providing excellent services. A big benefit to be Zillion RPM Labs franchise is that we offer business owners a proven business strategy. While many new businesses struggle to develop a viable and profitable business plan, Zillion RPM Labs has presumably already demonstrated that we are capable of profitability time and time again.

Virtually all Zillion RPM Labs centers are now independently owned franchises. Any Franchise has one or two computer labs, two classrooms, and good number of enrolled students at any given time. Advertising, which is generally designed and purchased by Zillion RPM Labs on behalf of its Franchisees, is common across all centers, as are promotions and pricing bands.

Centers tend to be larger in urban areas and smaller in rural towns. The transition from a company owned model to a franchise model was driven by two primary actors. First, Zillion RPM Labs wanted to grow its business within India in rapid phase through franchise fair. Secondly, the model enables Zillion RPM Labs to leverage the local knowledge of each franchisee. Despite independent ownership, Zillion RPM Labs maintains strict control over quality output of franchisees through a combination of contractual obligations, curriculum and advertising control, supervision by Regional managers. From the students’ perspective, Zillion RPM Labs remains a single entity, as all instructors have met the same Zillion RPM Labs-Central Training Academy (CTA) and teach a common curriculum leading to a common certification. Students have special privilege of transfer between centers if they move or change jobs.

Zillion RPM Labs course model incorporates a combination of instructor-led, computer-based, and Web-based instruction and learning. This model is based on a strong foundation of in-depth research, course design, and instructional design.

Research on the latest technologies and industry needs are incorporated to make the course high-end and Industry-relevant. A dedicated team of designers and pedagogy experts from Zillion RPM Labs’s Technology Advisory Group (TAG) design optimum courseware and methodologies to meet industry standards.


ZILLION RPM LABS's business model is based on a win-win situation wherein both, the franchisee and the parent company, ZILLION RPM LABS, benefits from the relationship. We ensure profitability for our franchisees. Zillion RPM Labs is student's preferred choice when it comes to CAD education.And is also very well known among the corporates as CAD training service provider.

Distinct advantages that a franchisee may enjoy

  • Zillion RPM Labs, is most reputed brand in the CAD training industry and can potentially provide business owners with instant name recognition.
  • Zillion RPM Labs business model is proven and time tested. The feasibility of running an Zillion RPM Labs center is proven from the fact that no Zillion RPM Labs center is incurring losses.
  • Zillion RPM Labs has well planned and executable centralized and regionalized marketing activities.
  • Zillion RPM Labs has number of consultants (senior and successful professionals from the industry) on board to envision the goals and guide the company to achieve these goals.
  • ZILLION RPM LABS has mastered the art of delivering quality training. The technical and business know-how is readily made available to the partner by providing total solutions in CAD and Multimedia.
  • Zillion RPM Labs has perfect organizational hierarchy (parallel verticals) to support the partners. which are time tested systems and processes to effectively support the partners.
  • Zillion RPM Labs courses are effective (International certification courses with global value) and with reasonable prices.
  • Zillion RPM Labs courses are excellent, comprehensive course ware coupled with quality teaching through video base education.
  • Zillion RPM Labs has wide mix of courses such as diploma and master diploma which are offered at very cost effective denominations with good career prospects.

FAQ's ....

How long would it take after my application of opening an ZILLION RPM LABS center to getting the approval for the same?

15 days.

What is the man-power required to open a franchisee?

A franchisee needs to have 1 Centre Manager, 1 Counselor, 1 Placement Officer, 3 Marketing Executives, 1 Outdoor Sales Manager (Business Development Manager), 3 Trainers

What is the affiliation fees?

The affiliation fees vary depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

Can the affiliation fee be negotiated?


What is the licensing fee that a franchisee has to pay?

The licensing fees vary depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

Can the royalty be negotiated?

 Royalty has been worked out as not negotiable.

What amount of royalty fees needs to be shared with the corporate office?

For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

What is the minimum available floor space required to set up a centre?

The minimum available floor space varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

What is the minimum infrastructure required for setting up a centre?

The minimum infrastructure requirement varies depending on the classification of cities.For details on same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.

Is it mandatory for a person to have experience in CAD/CAM/CAE/training industry to set up a franchisee?


What will be the activities for the centres?

Quality of Training, Infrastructural Support and a Healthy Environment for the participants should be the main activities for the centre’s.

How many centres are you planning to start in a geographical location?

The number of centers would solely depend on the demographics and the market potential. ZILLION RPM LABS will decide on the number of centres based on various parameters.

What will be the distance among the centres?

There is no set distances for this. The decision solely remains in the hands of ZILLION RPM LABS based on the population of the Target audience, the market potential and various other factors pertaining to that geographical location.

What is the ROI from a franchisee's perspective?

A 20-25% profit on the total turn-over can be expected from a well-performing center.

What is the break even point? How soon can a franchisee hope to break even?

It depends on the total amount that you have invested, your operating expenses and the number of students that get to your center every month. The more the number of students, the shorter would be your break-even time.

Will you help me in recruitment of trainers?

ZILLION RPM LABS will help the center in the recruitment of trainers and training them to the syllabus designed

What is the support system for the trainers / technical people?

ZILLION RPM LABS will provide training to trainers from time to time.

As for my understanding, why is the XYZ partner is not performing well?

There could be several reasons for this. Maybe the center does not have the necessary resources (counsellor, sales executives etc.) to drive more registrations. It could also be that the center might not have a proper lead tracking system in place to keep a track of the enquiries and leads and chase it up with them accordingly. It could also be that there is very little potential in that area. As I said, the reasons could be numerous, but mostly, it's all dependent on geographical location of the center and its internal operations.

Will the Management take the operational expenses towards operations?

No. This has to be taken care by the center itself.

How will you help me in my day to day activities?

In major metros, the cost will be shared by all the centers. If there are multiple centers in a particular metro where a specific campaign is going to be released, the cost per center is calculated based on the total cost of campaign divided by the number of centers.

Will the company take care of activities? Please explain.

The Company will take care of the activities on regular intervals. However the local activities in your area will be at franchisee cost

Will the company take care on Ads? If yes, how? If no, what do we need to do?

ZILLION RPM LABS will take care of the major things like centralized buying of media, deciding on media vehicle etc.

What kind of marketing support can a franchisee expect from ZILLION RPM LABS?

ZILLION RPM LABS will be, periodically, providing marketing collaterals, centralized buying of media, seminars, training of counsellors and marketing people. Apart from these, ZILLION RPM LABS will also be assigning sales agents to drive in more revenue.

What is the support system for the Sales of the centre?

ZILLION RPM LABS will provide marketing collaterals, centralized buying of media, seminars & training of counsellors and marketing people periodically.